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Leadership Through Growth

AESCO Grows to help our Clients SUCCEED

Careers: Jobs come and go, but careers can run a life time.  We believe that our Clients are best served when we retain the best talent and help that talent grow.  AESCO seeks out the brightest, hardest working talent to stay ahead of the growth curve.  

All of the positions work best for team players with a can-do attitude. Below are some of the TEAM PLAYER spots AESCO is considering. 

  1. Certified Asbestos Consultant/Environmental Services: The candidate must be currently certified as a California OSHA Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) and DPH Lead Inspector/Assessor/ Project Monitor. Individual would be responsible for asbestos and lead-based paint inspection services. Ideal candidate should also be open to learning additional geotechnical and construction materials testing and inspection skills. Ideal candidate should also be open to assisting with geotechnical field services and environmental field services. 
  2. Front Office Manager Assistant: Experience with front office work, pleasent Client- and Public-relations demeanor.
  3. Multi-Level Civil/Environmental/Geotechnical Engineer: Experience with environmental remediation, brownfields, system set-up and O&M, stormwater, CEQA/NEPA/EIR and experience with or desire to pursue geotechnical engineering and testing. Send us your resume or personal SOQ and let's talk.
  4. Certified Field Inspectors in ALL disciplines: Grading, Concrete, Reingforcing Steel, Soils Compaction, etc.  Bring your certs and let's talk.
  5. Laboratory Personnel: Skilled testers in aggregate, concrete, and asphalt.  Caltrans certifcations in each a definite PLUS.  Show us your skills in person.

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.
Steven Spielberg

Mentorships:  Building on the philosophy of growth, We believe that the future of our industry begins today. We believe that to build America from the Ground Up means to help cultivate bright minds to do just that.

We sponsor yearly field trips to our Lab and Main Office in Huntington Beach to local high schools and student groups seeking to expand their horizons through engineering.

New to our mentorship program is the College/University Senior Design Project Mentorship Program.  This program is available to students and professors seeking ideas for projects or need assistance with curent projects.

To learn how AESCO can help your future, give us a call or email us.

Marina High School Mentorship

AESCO Mentorship program presentation

Mentorship Presentation

Adam Chamaa, Principal Engineer of AESCO presents to a group of Marina High School Students as part of mentorship program.

Marina High School mentorship

Students Arrive

Students from Marina High School arrive for a lab tour

Marina High School mentorship

Students Learning

Marina High School Students tour the lab.  Here they learn the ins and outs of the testing side of geotechnical engineering.

Marina High School mentorship geotechnical

Testing Demonstration

Adam Chamaa mentoring the Marina High School students on concrete testing and geotechnical engineering.

Marina High School Graduation AESCO Geotechnical Mentorship

Graduation Dinner

Marina High School Graduation.  AESCO presented the group with an award and graduation dinner.

University of California, Riverside Senior Design Projects

AESCO Mentorship program presentation

Mentorship Presentation

Amer Hazboon, PE, Vice President Environmental Division and Senior Environmental Engineer of AESCO presents to two UCR Senior Design Teams as part of mentorship program.  Each team is presented with the same fuel contaminated site.  One team will design a Bio-GAC system and the other will pick their own remediation system. On June 11, 2019, both teams completed their designs and presented professional level remediation system designs.