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How We Help Our Clients

For Decades, AESCO has provided the following quality services to its Clients.
We provide the followng services:



AESCO’s geotechnical investigations are overseen by our Registered Geotechnical Engineers.  All laboratory testing is performed using ASTM, AASHTO, and other applicable specifications and guidelines.

  • Geotechnical drilling and field exploration
  • Soils evaluation
  • Compaction monitoring and testing
  • Settlement, Subsidence, Crack, and Vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Landslide analysis and control
  • Earth retaining structures and analysis
  • Foundation design, underpinning, and special foundations
  • Pressure injected footings
  • Deep, dynamic ground improvement, surcharge and grouting
  • Infiltration and Percolation testing
  • Groundwater hydrology testing and modeling
  • Construction dewatering and drainage
  • Creek, river and waterfront protection 
  • Dams, reservoirs and liner evaluation and analysis
  • Microtunneling Oversight
  • Tunnels, pipelines and utilities evaluation
  • Highways, airports, railroads and pavement design
  • Forensics
  • Liquefaction analyses
  • Fault evaluation
  • Seismic design and evaluation


AESCO provides a full range of Environmental Engineering services including a wide range of regulatory compliance and guidance services associated with UST programs, potable water systems, stormwater, NPDES, and methane and soil-vapor projects.  All environmental projects are overseen by Registered Civil Engineers and Registered Geologists and is consistent with applicable ASTM, DTSC, County, State and other applicable specifications and guidelines.

Environmental Due Diligence and Regulatory Compliance

  • Phase 1/Phase 1 Vapor Encroachment Conditions (VEC) ASTM E1527-13, E2600-15,
    E2247-16 (Forestland or Rural Property)
  • Phase 2 site investigations/subsurface soil, soil vapor, and groundwater investigations ASTM E1903-11
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Aerial Deposition Studies
  • Methane and soil vapor testing 
  • Emergency undocumented UST assessment and closure
  • Asbestos and Lead Surveys

Environmental Management of Construction Projects

  • Air and Dust monitoring and soil confirmation sampling
  • Site Management Plans

Stormwater and Water Resources

  • Infiltration and percolation testing for LID and stormwater design
  • Dewatering treatment system design

Construction Materials Testing and Inspection Services

AESCO operates a construction materials engineering (CME) laboratory in Huntington Beach, California, and is capable of performing in-house or on-site testing and inspection services. Laboratory is DSA, Caltrans and City of Los Angeles certified and is a member of the Independent Assurance Program with Caltrans, CCRL, AASHTO, and AMRL.
Materials testing services Engineering consultation and inspection services are available for each phase of construction.

  • Soils and Aggregate Testing and Evaluation
  • Soils Compaction and Stabilization Tests and Inspection
  • Asphalt and Bituminous Materials Inspection and Testing
  • Concrete Mix Design Review
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection and Testing
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection Inspection and Testing
  • Welding Inspection
  • Concrete Inspection and Testing
  • Masonry Inspection and Testing
  • Brick, Granite, Stone masonry, Mortar Inspection and Testing
  • Manufactured elements such as pre-stressed beams and pre-cast panels
  • Refractory Testing
  • Roof Inspection and Testing
  • Pull Tests
  • Qualification of Welders and Procedures

Validation - Control - Assurance

AESCO developed the Construction Quality Validation Inspection and Testing Plan currently used on the I-405 Improvement Project. The program links our in-house Smart PDF forms to our ShareFile Cloud system. The program is used to track Daily Inspection Reports, Daily Traffic Inspection Reports (MOT), Quality Validation Checklists and Critical Activity Point Checklist/Sign-off forms for various construction procedures.

AESCO Employees use digital tablets in the field, where they can select an updated form, review project documents, take photos, and generate redlines on the plan sheets. Daily inspection reports are uploaded daily to AESCO’s ShareFile Cloud, where the can be reviewed in real time and submitted to the client.

  • Digital in-field tracking and reporting system
  • Realtime Review and Feedback
  • Customizable Client and Project Specific Forms
  • Project planning
  • Schedule and Critical Path Evaluation
  • Client Training