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I-405 Improvement Project

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) selected OC 405 Partners to design and construct the I-405 Improvement Project.
Location: 405 Fwy Between 22 Fwy and 73 Fwy
Client: Cal Trans / OCTA / OC 405 Partners
Project Value: $2B 
Project Specs:
A 16-mile widening project to add express lanes, general lanes, interchange improvements, pedestrian bridge and upgraded facilities.
Quality Validation Inspection services for soil, concrete, steel and reinforcing steel.
Materials Testing
Environmental Risk Management.
Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering and Consulting.



West Orange County Water Board Feeder NO.2 Relocation Project
Location: Willow Lane to Mahogany Ave. Westminster, California
Client: West Orange County Water Board / City of Huntington Beach
Project Value: $2.9M 
Project Specs:
The project consists primarily of the
installation of a 350 foot long 42-inch OD
casing pipe by microtunneling under the
Interstate 405 Freeway. 
Microtunneling Inspection and Oversight
Geotechnical Consulting
Geotechnical Inspections
Settlement evaluation
Environmental Consulting


Inspectors of Record

AESCO was the Inspector of Record (IOR) on the Broadcom Project and provided Special inspectors for construction inspections and material testing.
Location: Irvine, CA 
Client: Smith Emery / DPR Construction / Broadcom Corporation
Project Value: $778M 
Project Specs:
73-acre complex with five buildings slated for the first of two development phases that will eventually span 2 million square feet, with space to accommodate up to 8,000 employees. 
Special Inspector
Material Testing
Construction Inspection

bkk landfill methane mitigation los angeles county

Methane Mitigation System

AESCO deisgned a methane mitigation system for Prefab Shelter Buildings for ARCADIS and LA-RICS on several Cell Tower Buildings.
Location: California
Client: ARCADIS and Pyramid Networks for Motorola
Project Value: $5 M 
Project Specs:
Passive methane mitigation system per County of LA Methane Mitigation Guidelines.
Methane Mitigation Design Engineer of Record

aerial deposition study zinc stormwater level 2 era technical report los angeles

Aerial Deposition Study - Zinc

AESCO performed an aerial deposition study for zinc as part of the Non Industrial Pollution Source Determination for the Level 2 ERA Technical Report
Location: California
Client: Interplastic Corporation 
Project Value: $ N/A
Project Specs:
5 day aerial depostion study using specially designed sampling plates and specialized deposition sampling cartridges
Environmental consutling
Stormwater consulting services
Civil Engineering consulting services

percolation testing infiltration study low impact development

Low Impact Development

AESCO perofmed percolation testing and infiltration study services for a low impact development project in Long Beach.  AESCO provided geotechnical and civil engineering design consulting.
Location: Long Beach, California
Client: Clevely Construction
Project Value: $5M
Project Specs:
Two day percolation testing and infiltration study at a less than 1-Acre facility.
Civil Engineering consulting
Stormwater consulting
Environmental consulting


NPDES for Construction dewatering

AESCO provided environmental consulting for NPDES discharge during construction dewatering project at Edgewater Lift Station.
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Client: City of Huntington Beach 
Project Value: Undisclosed 
Project Specs:
Installation of a sewer lift station to serve City of Huntington Beach residents.
Environmental consulting
Geoprobe Hydropunch groundwater sampling for NPDES discharge profiling.
California Toxics Rule evaluation and discharge calculations


San Juan Creek Levee Improvement

AESCO performed geotechnical investigation, evaluation, and recommendations for San Juan Creek Levee Improvement Project.
Location: Huntington Beach, California
Client: AMES Construction for OC Public Works
Project Value: $11M
Project Specs:
The purpose of the project is to improve flood protection and safety for San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point.
Performed rock coring of bedrock. 
Provided recommendations for pipe pile tie-backs.
Provided recommendations for pre-augering during sheet pile installation.


LA Metro Gold Line

AESCO performed a geotechnical investigation for drainage and road crossings for the Gold Line Foothill Extension Glendora to Montclair project for LA Metro.  
Location: Gelondora to Montclair, California
Client: AECOM for LA METRO
Project Value: $1B 
Project Specs:
The Foothill Gold Line from Glendora to Montclair is a 12.3-mile extension of the Metro Gold Line light rail system that currently runs between Los Angeles and Azusa along the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. The project will add new Gold Line stations in Glendora, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, Claremont and Montclair. 
Prepare traffic control plans as needed and traffic control during the field investigation.
Performed borings at night as not to impact traffic when necessary.
Laboratory testing.
Environmental Sampling of soil for Contamination Evaluation.
Recommendations were provided for shallow and deep foundations including driven prestressed concrete piles and drilled piers.


Olinda Landfill Methane and Material Insp.

AESCO provided Special inspectors for Construction inspections, material testing, methane mitigation system inspection, moisture barrier inspections.
Location: Brea, California
Client: DCO Energy and Jacobs 
Project Value: $130M 
Project Specs:
32.54 MW Gas to Energy Facility with support buildings and equipment structures
Geotechnical Investigation, Analysis, and Recommendation
Special Inspection services
Methane Mitigation and Waterproofing Membrane Installation Inspection
Provided design recommendations for methane membrane installation
Provided regulatory agency correspondence


Geotech Drilling LA-RICS Cell Towers

AESCO performed Geotech investigations for LA-RICS Cell tower upgrade, geotech, foundations, building, and caissons.
Location: California
Client: Pyramid Networks for Motorola for County of Los Angeles
Project Value: $280M
Project Specs:
200 sites throughout Los Angeles County for the new emergency communications system. 
QC Inspection and Testing; Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical engineering for varying types of towers throughout Los Angeles County including Catalina Island
Rock coring performed at several sites
Plan reviews
Concrete and Asphalt Mix Design Review
Monitored installation of Driven H-Piles, Including Welding of Sections
Inspection and Testing for Steel, Welding, Concrete and Mat and Shallow Foundations 

LA-RICS Methane

Purple Line Section 1 Methane Services

AESCO provided PE review of Metro Specifications for In-Situ Gas Monitoring.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Client: Parsons for LA Metro
Project Value: TBD
Project Specs:
Professional Engineering review, stamp and seal of Metro Specifications for In Situ Gas Monitoring.
Methane Engineer of Record.